Marketing Packaging

Today's market expects your goods to be presented as new and different (even if they aren't!) Alike clothing, marketing packaging is the commercial way of "dress to impress". Jobapack runs on fresh inspirations in product presentation, and our mission is to ensure your goods are putting thier best foot forward in the market!

Packaging is a vital tool of marketing; in our ultra-competitive consumer environment, the first impression is often the only one that counts – one moment to capture the imagination of the customer and make a sale.

Out of the Box...
No longer just a box in which the product sits, packaging communicates corporate values though its graphics; reflects product positioning through its design, construction and tactile qualities; and it exudes the ‘must buy’ factor that differentiates your product from its competitors.

Display Cubes:

Window cubes will catch shopper's attention in an provocative way - they convey a message of creativity, freedom in design and different perspectives. Just move the cubes to refresh your window! Cubes come flat for ease of storage and are assembled very simply.

Product packaging:


Packaging that is designed to carry your product to its peak in presentation and sales. We work with you through the life-cycle of your product and range, taking all factors into consideration when designing a pack for your product. Clever packaging is more than just delivers!