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We stock items by popular demand...so there is a fair chance that we will have something to get you rolling. The range of items mentioned below is by no means everything we keep...there is too much to mention. Give us a call and we will do our very best to supply you - if we cannot help, we will refer you onto someone that most likely can.




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Give us a call on +962 2 6297120, and we will go out of our way to help!
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Need it in a hurry?
Want a popular printer's carton? Check out our ever expanding range of items we stock for your convenience.



Shipper Cartons:

Our range of stock cartons will prove handy for most situations where you need a box in a hurry. You will find all the standard sizes, plus a few more that industry has requested over the years. - Refer to Stocklist for sizes instock.

Book Mailers - Twist Mailers:

An Ingenious mailer that offers great flexabillity and economy in book mailing.The "Twist" enables a cross of cardboard to be formed, and this means it will mould to the length, width and height of the goods for mailing. These mailers store flat and come in 5 Common sizes or can be customised in size, with print and peel and seal closure. Refer to Stocklist for sizes in stock

Book Mailers - Qikpak's:

True to it's name - one of the quickest ways to mail a CD, Book, Catalogue or sample with peel and seal closure and seven sizes instock. Qikpak offers a very speedy way to protect you product for mailing. - Refer to Stocklist for sizes instock.



Flat Packs:

Got large printed sheets to send that cannot be rolled up? A flat-pack is the way to go. We stock a couple of sizes that are popular with printers and mailing houses, and have other applications too. - Refer to Stocklist for sizes instock.



Archive Cartons:

Jobapack Carry's a range of stock size Archive cartons in both plain board and also Long Life Acidfree board for long term document storage. - Refer to Stocklist for sizes instock.



Pallet Sheets:

Need to protect your palletised goods from rough pallet surfaces? Jobapack has pallet sheets both corrugated and solid instock for immediate supply. Specific sizes can be cut as required. - Refer to Stocklist for sizes instock.



Pallet Sheets - Solid Board Sheets:

Solid Board sheets a cheaper alternative to Corrigated.



Pallet Sheets - Corrigated Sheets:

Corrigated pallet sheets give greater protection against nail heads etc.



Clearance Stock - Plain DC carton 180 x 180 x 160:

Small Plain die cut carton priced to clear size - 180 x 180 x 160 at .36c each plus gst, 9000 instock - min order qty 1000.