Jobapack sticks to a set of disciplined steps that aid in the aim deliver projects of highest quality, on time. Any manufacturer knows that this is a tall call, but our years in the industry have enabled us to develop a process that is delivering excellent results. Process steps listed below.

Planning...all the way
A job well planned is a job half done!
View packaging as the 'meat in the sandwich ' - it has to suit the product within, and please the observer without!
No new package can be developed without a considering a number of factors. Let our team steer you through the steps to decide on the ultimate package for your goods.

So many choices...
Let us take you on a tour of the process - it is really a process of eliminating the choices to arrive at the right
package with respect to:

  • Basic Design
  • Colours/Print Specifications
  • Substrate (material used)
  • Quantity
  • Budget